What are the benefits of using a beauty blender?

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When I first got into makeup in my early teens, I always obsessed about using brushes and embracing my inner artist. Whilst I still heavily use brushes now, I’m hugely reliant on my Marshmellow beauty blender for my applying my makeup everyday. Here are the top 6 benefits of using a beauty blender over brushes:

It doesn’t leave streaks like brushes do

Beauty sponges have tightly-spaced holes that distribute the product evenly. Brushes can leave streaks, especially on textured skin--and hence don’t always give a smooth finish. This is also a problem when it comes to covering crusty acne or dry patches, because brushes micro-exfoliate skin and can buff out foundation to a point where nothing is actually deposited on the area, and all the coverage is lost.

It makes foundation look a lot more natural and luminous

Sponges, especially the wet kind, absorb a lot of foundation and help sheer out the product you’re looking to blend out. Using a wet blender to apply skin makeup gives skin a dewy, non-cakey finish. Even a dry sponge is quite airy and can absorb a lot of foundation, thereby depositing only a fraction of it on the skin.

It works really well for the delicate area around the eyes

Sponges don't jab their sharp ends into the delicate skin under your eyes. Brushes, on the other hand, do exactly that. That scratchy feeling is not only unpleasant, but can irritate sensitive skin.

It helps fill pores better than brushes

Since they are not streaky like brushes, blenders give skin a much more smoother finish. This is because a sponge pushes product into the pores, and deposits it into each nook and cranny.

One blender works for all formulations, unlike brushes

Blenders can pick up powders to bake your under-eye area; they can push in and blend cream contours; and also help liquids melt into the skin. While an assortment of brushes can do this--you only need one sponge to help you out.

It’s really good for pressing or patting product in

If you want to do pinpoint concealing, a blender can help you do that without moving the product. Brushes pick up foundation or concealer, drag it around, and make a mess of things--until and unless, of course, you’re using a teency-weency concealer brush.

Try the KX Artistry Marshmellow Beauty Blender and experience the difference!

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